Yoga in Moose Jaw

Ten days ago I ran a half marathon in Regina. Despite the snow, wind, and rain the race passed quickly and calmly for me. I had not realized that my yoga training with Carol had taught me how to switch into a calm, relaxed mindset with rhythmic breathing that really helped me finish that race. Thanks Carol. Wendy Parsons

Attending Carol Wallace's Knee Class helped me to understand subtle and effective ways of strengthening the knee area. The techniques I learned in her class have helped me to gradually improve a painful knee condition. Carol is a gifted teacher who understands the relationship between mind, body and well being and knows how to guide people in the experience of self help.I'm thankful for having had the benefit of her deep approach to yoga practice. - Rob Froese


Carol, just wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating your Monday night lessons. I find all that backward, opening up of the chest and deep breathing is very challenging for me - especially with a reactive airway, but is so beneficial. I didn't realize how much I was starting to turtle up and cave in!  Now I catch myself throughout the day in a collapsed posture and re align everything to try to re-create what you have been teaching in class. It really helps. I had no big expectations when I purchased the series of classes, but feel I already have my money's worth. You are a wonderful teacher! Kim Reynolds

Yoga classes with Carol are always very rejuvenating. They are challenging without being strenuous. Carol is a very calm, kind person who always takes the time to make sure her students are comfortable and in the correct position for poses.  -  Heather

Everything we were looking for and a very knowledgeable teacher who can take you to your personal limits.  -  Husband and wife

I love my class as it is relaxing, yet challenging. Carol is very professional and explains absolutely every move we are doing. I like the reading at the beginning and the poses are great.  -  Lorraine Vetter

My Yoga class makes me feel refreshed, recharged and special. -  J

My favourite things about my Yoga class are the back stretches, working on body awareness using the blocks.  - Lloyd Dobrescu

My class makes me feel flexible, relaxed, and happy.  -  J

I feel well-stretched after.  -  Amy

I like the challenge of different poses. I feel, during and after, very positive, balanced, connected to life, both spiritually and physically. I feel like I have had a total body workout.  -  Beth

My main reason for attending Yoga class is for physical health, incrreasing awareness of my body, managing stresss, and feeling at peace. I feel able to connect spiritually with a higher power.  I feel amazing, relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired.  -  Kendra Dobrescu