Yoga in Moose Jaw

Yoga classes with Carol are always very rejuvenating. They are challenging without being strenuous. Carol is a very calm, kind person who always takes the time to make sure her students are comfortable and in the correct position for poses. -  Heather

Everything we were looking for and a very knowledgeable teacher who can take you to your personal limits.  - Husband and wife

My main reason for attending Yoga class is to become more flexible and have a greater range of motion for muscles and joints. Also learning deeper breathing for relaxation.  -  BLM

I love my class as it is relaxing, yet challenging. Carol is very professional and explains absolutely every move we are doing. I like the reading at the beginning and the poses are great. -  Lorraine Vetter

My Yoga class makes me feel refreshed, recharged and special.  -  J

My main reason for attending Yoga class is to relax and become in touch with my inner self.  -  J

My favourite things about my Yoga class are the back stretches, working on body awareness using the blocks.  -  Lloyd Dobrescu

My class makes me feel flexible, relaxed, and happy. -  J

Love the class. A great way to start the work week.  -  J

I feel well-stretched after.  -  Amy

I like the challenge of different poses. I feel, during and after, very positive, balanced, connected to life, both spiritually and physically. I feel like I have had a total body workout.  -  Beth

I enjoy having the time and place to concentrate and really get into the Yoga poses with Carol’s gentle, calm, and patient manner guiding me.  -  Brenda

My Yoga class makes me feel refreshed, at peace.  -   J

My Yoga class is calm and peaceful. 10/10.  -  Shauna

My main reason for attending Yoga class is for physical health, incrreasing awareness of my body, managing stresss, and feeling at peace. I feel able to connect spiritually with a higher power.  I feel amazing, relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired.  -  Kendra Dobrescu

I like the way you mix it up – never sure exactly what’s on the menu. Excellent.  -  L.A.

The breathing techniques have come in handy too many times! Physically and mentally I feel so calmed after my class. I really am transformed.  -  Stacy